Company Profile

Quality and reliabilty since 1980

Veneta Cromature was founded in 1980 and since 1983 the company operates in its factory located in Via Marghera 11, Castelfranco Veneto, in the North-East of Italy.


Initially, the company specialized in galvanic surface treatments on components for the lighting industry, collaborating with a network of local customers. The manufacturing process was entirely carried out manually by specialized labourers.

Passion and innovation

1994 marked an important milestone for Veneta Cromature as the company shifted to automated machinery and manufacturing processes. This resulted in a more efficient manufacturing cycle, improved quality and reduced processing time. In 2003, the company joined ASSOGALVANICA, the most recognized association of galvanic treatments companies in Italy.

Throughout the years Veneta Cromature has gained valuable know-how and expertise in the field. This has allowed the company to diversify the types of galvanic treatments offered without compromising its peculiar customer-centered approach. Besides the lighting industry, the company has started to specialize in the manufacture of a wide range of articles related to the furniture industry, both private and commercial.

Efficiency of the manufacturing process

To optimize the efficiency of the manufacturing process, in January 2017, Veneta Cromature has undertaken an important enlargement of its machinery.

The new equipments through computer controlled automatic lines enable to monitor and personalize the surface deposit of raw materials in the different phases. This has allowed the company to tailor timings and finishings according to specific clients’ requests.

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